If you are reading this post

  • You have chosen to take an active role in your health. 
  • You have chosen to live healthier 
  • You have chosen to make better choices in your lifestyle
  • You have chosen to enrich your daily diet.  
  • You realized the importance of detox.

The biggest complaint I get on day one is fasting.   Drink water.  Lots of water.  Keep drinking.  This is very important.  You will quickly forget about the food.  Drink your shake.  It mixes well with rice milk or almond milk.  This will enhance the flavor.

I love caffeinated teas from my local coffee shop in the morning.  By giving it up I realized I saved $3.50 already today.  By the end of the week, I will have forgotten that I even need caffeine.  With all the water I will drink I won’t want any caffeine.

So, stay strong and focused.   You can do this.  You will feel better.


Simone Rattigan, CHN, AADP

Health & Wellness Coach

Proactive Wellness Centers

Now, listen to the link below for tips on making optimizing Day 1 of your detoxification program.