Want to take charge of your health?  In order to really take control of your health and make good decisions when working with physicians, you have to educate yourself on the latest evidence-based therapies and treatments. Following is a list of books that I have personally read and highly recommend.

Avoiding Breast Cancer by Joseph McWherter, M.D.
Breakthrough: 8 Steps to Wellness by Suzanne Somers
8 Weeks to Vibrant Health by Hyla Cass, M.D.
The New IBS Solution by Mark Pimental
Stop the Thyroid Madness by Janie A. Bowthorpe
Your Hidden Food Allergies are Making you Fat by Rudy Rivera, M.D. and Roger Deutsch
Reverse Heart Disease Now by Steven Sinatra
HRT: The Answers by Pamela Wartian Smith, M.D.
Ultra Metabolism by Mark Hyman


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